SEISHIRO KUKI [The quiet heavenly wolf]
Seishiro is the youthful, cold-eyed warrior with a heavenly countenance. Seishiro has an impassive, taciturn, and surly character. Not only that, he has the strange habit of sleeping while standing up, and his sensibilities are a little out of synch with those around him.
This boy with a flowing sword style and special moves is a first-rate master at sizing up opponents, and has become a secret agent of the shogunate, following in his father's footsteps. Receiving secret orders from the shogunate, who has obtained information on the Three Blades' of Domination "plan to overthrow the government," he sets out for Ritenkyo.
Seishiro's destiny is to battle his brother-in-law Tohma Kuki, who killed his real father over possession of the two swords that are proof of the heir to his type of swordsmanship.

JIN-EMON HANAFUSA [The last of the samurai]
Jin-Emon is a boor who is feared by all. He's a classic samurai, stubborn to the core, and has the austerity of oxidized silver. Because of this hardness, though, he's terrible with women. He is also surprisingly concerned with his lack of height and hates standing next to others.
He is an old-time, top-notch secret agent who has often cheated death using his spear skillfully and has fought alongside Seishiro's father. Receiving secret orders from the shogunate who has obtained information regarding the plans of the Three Blades of Domination to overthrow the government, he accompanies Seishiro to Ritenkyo.

HANZO HATTORI [The leader of the shadow legion]
Calm and steady, Hanzo is the mightiest of the Iga ninja who commands a host of ninja techniques. He's the Iga ninja army's leader and supports the shogunate with his strength from the shadows.
Receiving secret orders from the shogunate that has received intel regarding the plans of the Three Blades of Domination calling for the overturning of the government, he seeks the whereabouts of Jigen Taishi, believed to be the scheme's ringleader, and sets out alone for Ritenkyo.

JUSHIRO SAKAKI [The Netherworld's freeshooter]
Jushiro is the wild and charismatic musketeer who can think on his feet and take the bold action that gets things done. Although normally aloof to the world, Jushiro has the grit and calculating power of judgment to confront any difficult problem when the chips are down. He's a first-class swordsman who was originally a member of the inner guard of shogunate bodyguards, but left this position because of fallout from a certain incident. He subsequently wandered about for a few years, only to become the central figure of a certain anti-shogunate organization in Ritenkyo.
His weapon is a special Japanese sword with a gun built into a section of its design that can fire only once when drawn, or continually when sheathed. Jushiro battles as a musketeer who combines the western art of gunplay with Japanese swordsmanship. When he learns that the objective of the Three Blades of Domination with whom he has fought up till now is an evil fundamentally different from his thinking, he vows to defeat his enemies within Ritenkyo first in order to defeat the shogunate. And when Jushiro also obtains information that "Oboro" who killed his friend is in town, he sets out for the castle in which the Three Blades of Domination reside.

HAITO KANAKURA [The screeching wild dog]
Although Haito is a cool customer, he appears invariably agitated and exudes an unapproachable aura from his very being. Memories of unfortunate childhood experiences in his past have led him to hate foreigners and those with remarkable abilities. He's a drug addict who becomes crazed when using and resides in Ritenkyo, working as a bodyguard and assassin in the brothel district.
He keeps his sword drawn as he patrols town and is skilled at maintaining his undefeated record in duels of his own initiation in which he displays his unyielding might while under the influence.

YACI IZANAGI [The bat who lurks in the Netherworld]
Yaci is a fiend whose strange obsession for pain and blood drives him to heartless and inhuman acts to find pleasure. To sate his own desires he is relentless in his butchery. His foul deeds are the only joy for him and to those ends he will take any type of hideous assignment. He usually is found working as a bodyguard in a certain red light district of Ritenkyo.
He uses a sword with a saw-toothed blade that attaches more import to cruelty than the power to slay opponents, and his style of fighting is testament to his sadism. Moreover, he carries a concealed dagger in the small of his back laced with poison (just enough to paralyze).
To obtain the most blood and pleasure possible, he aims for a place among the Three Blades of Domination but is hindered by Mikoto who has seen through Yaci's ruse. That's why he now heads for central Ritenkyo to exploit the current clash with the shogunate and kill Mikoto.

RINKA YOSHINO [The cherry blossom bud who has gone astray]
Rinka is sedate, extremely timid with strangers, and has a tendency toward curt communication. But while she's a girl who conceals a fearful secret, she is unyielding. She became wary of humans since she lost her parents in a certain disaster in the past, but she is kind toward animals. Originally the daughter of a warrior family, Rinka currently lives alone in the encampment of an anti-shogunate organization within Ritenkyo.
Rinka uses a long sword much taller than she, availing herself of the momentum and centrifugal force from its weight to manipulate it with a minimum of strength and battles as if she's dancing. This type of swordsmanship further sublimates the Way of Muso Seki-un, created by Rinka's father's fusion of two methods of sword combat.
Following the wishes of her dead father, Rinka joins an anti-shogunate force and takes on the Three Blades of Domination to establish the Way of Muso Seki-un and regain her trust in humankind.

GARYO THE WHIRLWIND [The big boss who respects justice]
Although feared far and wide, this one-eyed warrior is a humorous and charming giant of a man. He has a magnanimous nature, a strong sense of camaraderie, respect for duty, and a soft spot for charity. He leads a band of brigands that travel the whole of Japan and moves quickly like an animal, which is unusual for one of his size. He is called Garyo the Whirlwind in the places he's visited from the wind he stirs up with his movements.
Garyo uses a dagger fashioned from steel which he rarely unsheathes, preferring to use combo attacks that make the most of his speed. When he does draw his sword, he takes hold of the sheath with his mouth and it's all over in a flash. He also blows the bamboo sheath to use as a blow dart.
The schemes of the Three Blades of Domination landed him in confinement when he gave himself up to save the lives of his endangered followers, but now Garyo is back on the warpath, having learned that all of his followers have been killed-all except one, that is.

HAOHMARU [The legendary master swordsman]
Dynamic and delicate, audacious yet discreet, Haohmaru possesses a sword of his own making and dueling technique that is by no means conventional. As he has aged, he has become al the more the master swordsman and appears to have settled down having drawn back his characteristic loose and disheveled hair behind him. He has continued to devote himself to the way of the sword, however, and trains deep in the mountains to master his craft.
Anyone worth his salt in this world of the sword knows Haohmaru. His moniker as the "legendary master swordsman" comes from a host of tales of past exploits. The sword he wields is the mighty sword "Blowfish Poison" which no one other than Haohmaru can handle. And all the moves Haohmaru's iron arms can produce possess the power to kill in a single blow.
Haohmaru's current objectives are to avoid the "catastrophe" the holy spirit of light Nakoruru foretold, find Mikoto, who has vanished from Kokain Shrine, and take her back home.

SAYA [The sunflower that blooms in the darkness]
Saya is the female assassin from a foreign land who has the countenance of a model and exudes intense feminine charms from the sinews of her glamorous limbs. She's also a consummate pro who never lets her targeted prey escape. Ordinarily she's bright and cheerful big-sister type who doesn't sweat trivialities and is adored by the people of her village.
Her weapons are two scythes she uses to make mincemeat of her opponents with her fluid moves she adroitly exploits. She can also use connect her scythes together to use as a boomerang.
Her stepmother instructed her in the use of these weapons and assassin's techniques to survive in Ritenkyo, and she now heads for the center of Ritenkyo to kill "Oboro" of the Three Blades of Domination who has taken her mother's life.

RAN PO [The violent flyboy]
A boy who knows nothing of the concepts of parents or morality: that's Ran Po. Since he has existed according to his experience so far and his instinct, he has no inkling of what is good or evil.
Effortlessly swinging his war hammer that seems far too big for his small body, he is skilled at unleashing new attacks released using his tricky moves and aerial tactics.
Finding it strange that his ever-present older sister Minto (who is not related by blood) has not returned after leaving to play some 10 days ago, Ran Po heads to the center of Ritenkyo, acting on information he has obtained from various acquaintaces.

MIKOTO [The sorrowful angel]
Mikoto is a woman of dual personalities-normally a shrine maiden with mysterious powers (heavenly gifts) and quick with an affectionate, pixie-like smile, once in battle she becomes a ruthless, diabolical sorceress who unleashes magical powers to destroy any living thing in her path.
Mikoto, ashamed with the color of her eyes, fled Kokain Shrine where she was born and raised and arrived in Ritenkyo with Tohma Kuki. Through Oboro's enticements she subsequently joined his scheme as a member of the Three Blades of Domination and used her heavenly powers to conduct religious services and rituals in which she was revered as a religious symbol (shrine maiden).

TOHMA KUKI [The icy white tiger]
Tohma is the iron-willed man who exudes a realistic, competent and direct nature. Believing only in his own strength, he desires one thing only-power. His white skin and red eyes are a source of mental anguish derived from memories of persecution resulting from these during childhood.
Like his brother Seishiro Kuki, he's a master at sizing people up. But his mode of combat is the mirror opposite, employing direct sword techniques and violent moves based on the principle of killing with a single blow. Having killed his master who was also Seishiro and his father, he stole one of the two swords that are proof of his succession and fled into hiding.
Now, a few years later, he has ended his wanderings in Ritenkyo and become a member of the Three Blades of Domination at Oboro's urgings to assume the role of consolidating his military force.
But his true objective is neither the overthrow of the government nor the creation of a paradise on earth. His goal is the defeat of Seishiro and possession of the second sword proving his succession and status as the mightiest swordsman.

OBORO [The masked demon of revenge]
On the outside this genial old man strikes an innocent and favorable impression. But few people know his true identity. Devoted to the will of the earthly Bhudda "Jigen Taishi," he has spent 20 years plotting the government's overthrow and the creation of a state for the militaristic deity.
Oboro uses the cursed armaments of the bewitching blade and magic sword controlled by various spirits created through the ever-changing "Magical Arts of Kakkyo." Because Oboro is at one with the demons, this sorcerer may be injured whenever one of his demons is wounded, even if he is not in the general vicinity.
He was once a ninja deemed the equal of Hanzo Hattori, but he was ostracized from the clan after Hanzo defeated him in a duel. He subsequently quit the ninja but later returned to the world of shadows having obtained the magic he acquired from his vengeful soul and the "cursed weapons" he gathered during his worldly travels.
His objective is to assume the will of his benefactor the Jigen Taishi who became an earthly Bhudda to protect Ritenkyo and overthrow the state to establish a new nation for the martial deity. In the process he hopes for a chance at revenge and pay in kind the disgrace visited on him by Hanzo.

NAKORURU [The holy spirit who transcends time]
Living at one with nature, Nakoruru took it a step further and melded her own soul with Gaia to become a Divine Spirit in nature's service. To avoid the destructive crisis visiting this age, this Maiden of Light transcends time to find revelation and assistance
A magical spell cast by Jigen Taishi in Ritenkyo, however, leaves Nakoruru unable to assume her original form. As a result, she can only appear as a sprite to borrow the strength of her saviors.
Saving the world from its destructive past-Nakoruru's objective-requires the strength of Rimururu, the other Maiden of Light; so, her current objective is saving Rimururu who was imprisoned by Jigen Taishi 20 years ago.

RIMURURU [The maiden of light]
Rimururu is the warrior who became a holy maiden and battled in concert with Konru, the ice spirit, to protect nature. Although quite young, she guarded over nature in place of her elder sister Nakoruru. She possesses power as a Maiden of Light who can avert the destructive crisis that will visit this age. Because of this gift, a certain individual who loathed her powers summoned her to Ritenkyo one fateful day 20 years ago and enslaved her along with Konru.
She was subsequently protected by Konru but remains a prisoner to this day.

TASHON MAO [The self-proclaimed warrior of love]
This warrior hails from China, traveling to perfect his skill as a warrior. His peculiar facial features, like the narrow eyes on his chubby visage that seem like slits, surprise all who look on him. He has entered Ritenkyo illegally, mistaking it for Japan.
One day, he fell in love at first sight with a fairy sprite (Nakoruru) he discovered by chance within the forest of Ritenkyo. Since then he has neglected his training to searched for her. Possessed of an abnormal tenacity and arbitrarily assuming that being his own duty to protect Nakoruru, he views all who enter this forest as enemies should they find his beloved Nakoruru before he does.
The special martial arts he commands utilize the talons that freely extend and retract from one hand, from which he came to be called the "flesh-rending panda" and be feared by all.
"Someone is surely bound to steal you, my little sprite. You are mine and mine alone...mine..all mine...yes! She wants my protection...It must be so...It must be...surely it's so." The sprite will surely be pleased, he thinks. Tashon Mao chuckles as he imagines Nakoruru's face and vanishes into the forest.

THE IGA NINJAS [The realization of loyalty to their master]
They are the "shock troops" of the Iga ninja who Hanzo Hattori commands. They are faithful to his bidding and act without regard to their own danger to complete their mission. "There's no need for Lord Hanzo to stoop to this. We bid you by all means to leave this to us!!!"

OBORO'S AMAZONS [The colorful maidens of heaven]

THE BRUTES [Evil running rampant]
These thugs plague Ritenkyo and devote themselves to evil-that's why they're brutes. They see themselves as the chosen ones and cry: "Just who are these Three Blades?! Samurais? Pah! We brutes will show ヤem!" No one lends listens, but they have their say as they dash through town.

MUGENJI [The absolutely eternal institution]
This man is said to reside in a beautiful field of flowers located in the forest of Ritenkyo. He wanders the town nightly to butcher and plunge the townspeople into the depths of despair.
From childhood he has had an abnormal complex toward beauty. One special example of this is butterflies, and the tattoo of a butterfly on his back makes his obsession all the more unfathomable.
He goes berserk with rage in battle and becomes all the more tougher after taking extensive punishment.

THE SAMURAI [The original Japanese businessmen]
Their favorite complaint is "I want to go home." Since the time the shogunate began to construct its prison colony (Ritenkyo), a legion of samurai was ordered to oversee and run the prison on this remote island. Separated from their beloved families for many years, they work day and night for the shogunate. Keep up the good work, samurai! A brighter future awaits you! ...Or does it?

She's Ran Po's younger sister and like him has no concept of her parents or right and wrong. Because she acts according to the experiences she's had up until now and her instinct, her absence of understanding regarding what's right and wrong is similar to Ran Po's.
Her psychological aspect, however, is different than Ran Po and she has a nae and cheerful nature. She has twice the curiosity of normal people and her habit of collecting things is a manifestation of this-she carries anything that catches her fancy along with her. (She's especially fascinated with headgear and long things resembling tails).
One day she met a child named Mario in town. Minto and he hit it off and became good friends. Mario's fingers are his weapons, and he has made everything on his person. Minto grew fond of his Mario's prize possession, the handmade "Cat Hammer of Autumnal Tints" and receives it from him.
Then suddenly Mario announced he would return to his master and disappeared from Minto's presence. Minto, hoping to meet Mario again, began to look for him, relying on his final words to her: "I'm a member of Oboro's group, and I serve Mikoto of the Three Blades of Domination." Minto's grand adventure is now about to begin.

DARUMA [The legendary libertine]
Daruma's the recluse who freely comes and goes from Ritenkyo. He wanders all over Japan.
He's the surrogate parent of Ran Po and Minto, but since he cannot shake his habit of wandering, he only watches over the two when he stays in Ritenkyo. His nature is thoroughly free from worldly matters and he loves a stiff belt more than anything.
The siblings Ran Po and Minto like this Daruma and he thinks the world of them, too. As a manifestation of Daruma's affection, he provided them with two necklaces of a small wooden Bodhidharmas he had crafted as a hobby.
He's a man of many mysteries and almost no one knows of his past. His true identity is the Legendary Duelist who once drove a villainous family to annihilation. No one in Ritenkyo has ever entertained the thought that this odd old man has such a history, and Daruma has never dreamed of telling anyone either.
One day as Daruma returns from his wanderings, he realizes Ritenkyo has fallen on hard times (violence, robbery and murder are everyday affairs) and resolves to assume his past identity and punish those at the root of all this, the Three Blades of Domination.

YUDA [The ebony reaper]
Yuda's the man who dresses entirely in jet-black clothes. He has a noble visage but remains expressionless, exuding a gloomy air and emotional hollowness.
His true identity is "Asura" who arrived in this age from a dimensional tear after a battle with Yuga the Destroyer. After his battle with Yuga he existed only as a shade, the cost of his magnificent victory, but recovered his body from Shadow Asura and was reborn. But the consequence of the fusion of these two mighty powers and crossing the tear in dimensions with an unstable body caused him to lose his entire memory. Now he is unable to use the sign of the "Seven Ancient Weapons" that lies dormant due to the gloves on his hands. When he was discovered in this time, he became known by the name he muttered when asked his name: "...Yuda."
In the end Yuda came under the control of Clan 1, one of the three branch families of the shogunate. This clan is in fact linked to the Three Blades of Ritenkyo and Yuda has been secretly promised the position of shogun when the plans of Oboro (Jigen Taishi) succeed. If the plans fail, Yuda would be used as the fall guy to destroy evidence of Oboro's plot and keep it from being brought to light.
The amnesiac Yuda now takes on his duty and complete his first mission: clearing out Ritenkyo.

She's the first lady of the red light district in Zegengai. "She" is actually a he who is romantically involved with the Shibi gang's YACI IZANAGI.

He's the only surviving follower of Garyo. And nothing will change his respect for his master.

He's the constant companion of Rinka Yoshino and the one who understands her best.

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