HAOHMARU[CHIVALRY The burly, untrustworthy swordsman]
Haohmaru is the magnificent swordsman with a rice wine bottle constantly poised against his scraggly face and his beloved sword Blowfish Poison at his side. He's been mixed up in many incidents but survived them with his sword skills and convictions. He's the star character of this series, and is known for his dynamic swordsmanship in battle. An aficionado of firewater, he is also adored by the woman called O-Shizu.
HAOHMARU[TREACHERY The demon-like swordsman]
He is the very form of a "slasher" whose only path in life is but to kill. His mode of combat drenched in blood has exceeded the realm of swordsmanship to become simple homicide. This fiend who is only capable of killing reminds one of Zankuro Minazuki. His torn black clothing symbolizes the current condition of his soul.

NAKORURU[CHIVALRY Mother Nature's protector]
Nakoruru is the gentle young woman who loves nature. Armed with her treasured sword Father Bull, she acts in concert with her beloved hawk Mamahaha. She was believed to have died during the mayhem caused by Rashojin Mizuki, but instead slumbered in the forest of Kamui Kotan under the protection of the spirits of nature. She awoke with the appearance of Yuga the Destroyer and once again plunges herself into the vortex of battle. Her heart wavers between her desires to live like a normal girl and fulfill her duties as a consecrated maiden.
NAKORURU[TREACHERY The Kamui Shrine Maiden]
This Nakoruru is the commanding and imperious maiden who loves nature and fearlessly confronts all those who dare defile it. She's active and in testament to this prefers to wear her hair short. She battles not with a hawk but alongside the wolf Shikuru. Even in the midst of mayhem, her manner in fighting to protect nature is the unmistakable form of nature's maiden.

RIMURURU[CHIVALRY The fragile soul of ice]
Rimururu is Nakoruru's younger sister and channels the powers of the ice spirit Konru in battle. Liker her sister, she is a consecrated maiden of Kamui Kotan and her abilities are recognized throughout her land. Both spoiled and overly alarmist, she always worries about her beloved big sister. By nature, she would never dream of fighting another, but the sight of her battling resolutely for the sake of her older sister is truly a thing to see.
RIMURURU[TREACHERY The dancing manipulator of ice]
This Rimururu is both a tomboy and a cheerful, vivacious maiden of Kamui Kotan. In contrast to her gentle sister, Rimururu is vivacious and prefers active and liberating clothing. She always worries about her sister fulfilling her destiny as a consecrated maiden and hopes to help her. Having experienced many trials of her own, Rimururu appears to have matured emotionally.

HANZO HATTORI[CHIVALRY Commander of the Iga Ninja Clan]
Hanzo is a distinguished personality sure to be noted in the annals of history, and the leader of the Iga Ninja who has solved countless underworld incidents. Since his son Shinzo was abducted by Amakusa, he's been caught up in a host of ordeals. Always calm and collected, his judgment and the arts he employs are suitable to the commander of the ninja clan. This time he hears news from Edo regarding the madness of Lord Sadanobu Matsudaira, and...
HANZO HATTORI[TREACHERY Ruler of the shogunate ninjas]
Desiring greater speed, this Hanzo wears ninja gear made to be as light as possible. As well as the ninja arts, Hanzo is skilled at combat employing acrobatic moves, and his various ninja judo moves that destroy an opponent's joints are especially regarded as a threat by his enemies. Although taciturn, his superior ability as a ninja has earned the trust of his many followers.

GALFORD[CHIVALRY The blue-eyed ninja]
This boy brimming with a sense of justice came to Japan from San Francisco, and hoped to become a superhero. Aspiring to be a ninja, he took on a mentor and finally mastered the ninja arts. Donning his blue ninja garb, he solved countless incidents along with his beloved ninja dog Poppy. He's sweet on Nakoruru, and this time intends to tell her of his feelings, but...
GALFORD[TREACHERY The ninja lightning bolt of justice]
Galford is the blue-eyed boy who for love of justice came to Japan from the land over the sea. After rigorous training, he found that he could manipulate plasma. And his ability to send an electric pulse through his body truly makes him "the blue lightning bolt." He loves peace and will punish any evil that dares disturb it without hesitation.

UKYO TACHIBANA[CHIVALRY The swordsman who battles mortality]
Not only is Ukyo a master duelist, he's a poet as well. Afflicted with a lung disease, he plunges into various mishaps so he may hand the "Ultimate Blossom" that blooms at the boundary of the Netherworld to his beloved "Kei Odagiri." But in the midst of his quest, Kei was betrothed to another household. Then, one day, Ukyo, left only with a void in his heart and a sliver of life, meets up with the woman known as "Saki."
UKYO TACHIBANA[TREACHERY The swordsman who entrusts all to the blade]
Even while afflicted by disease, Ukyo bets everything on his abilities to increase his dueling skill. Many women have fallen victim to his sweet, slender countenance and air of melancholy to provide him with a bevy of groupies. And in the field of the fast draw, he is without equal.

This swordsman regards Haohmaru as his sworn enemy. Like Haohmaru, Genjuro trained with Nikochin Kaffein long ago, but he was admonished for his belief that "the sword is a means to kill" and cast out. Genjuro's savage personality results from a childhood trauma. His swordplay is forceful and so fierce that he's feared to be a "loose blade." He also enjoys carnal pursuits and gambling, spending the majority of his days cavorting in brothels and gambling dens.
GENJURO KIBAGAMI[TREACHERY The slasher starving for blood]
This Genjuro is a master of murder who came to enjoy the blood he continued to draw while working as an assassin. With a glint in his eye, he seeks his prey to sate his own desires. Anyone other than himself is a potential target, and even those who hire him are not safe. Believing only in himself and money, he hates being dominated and goes either way in matters of the flesh.

KAZUKI KAZAMA[CHIVALRY The ninja of seething flame]
Kazuki's a hothead who makes the most of his beloved sword, The Phoenix, in battle. His shortcoming is that he tends to anger quickly, but he's actually a compassionate and likable young man. He's also a good brother who thinks the most of his kid sister Hazuki. Because he bolted from the village of Kazama, he's being chased by his elder brother Sogetsu. Kazuki, however, far from hating Sogetsu, respects him in his heart as someone to emulate.
KAZUKI KAZAMA[TREACHERY The human flame (Enja)]
Because of his overriding desire for power, this Kazuki became dominated by the power in The Phoenix and runs amok. His identity as Kazuki has faded and his rampaging form enveloped in flame is driven solely by instinct-truly apropos to the name Enja. The pattern embossed in his skin and beast-like talons comprise his special characteristics.

SOGETSU KAZAMA[CHIVALRY The mightiest ninja of the Kazama]
Sogetsu is the eldest brother of the Kazama family, whose kith and kin are Kazuki and Hazuki. Commanding his water arts and his beloved sword Blue Dragon, he is said to be the mightiest in his family. Always calm and realistic, completion of his missions is his sole aesthetic. Ominous, given he has assumed the duty of avenging ninja to handle Kazuki who has fled their village.
SOGETSU KAZAMA[TREACHERY The human waterspout (Suija)]
This Sogetsu has channeled the strength residing in Blue Dragon to unleash Suija's power. Sogetsu clearly appears to control and dominate Suija's consciousness. His body is enveloped by water and Suija's power manipulated by Sogetsu's will is a terrifying force to reckon with.

HANMA YAGYU[CHIVALRY The warrior with arms of steel]
Hanma is the burly samurai armed with giant cylinders. Having gone from the Yagyu to another clan, he works as a bodyguard of its princess, but he is actually a one-eyed member of the Hidden Yagyu. He spends his days behind the scenes, as if he had special feelings for the princess, but at night, he devotes himself to the study of mechanisms and the weapon on his arm, "Boulder Slicer," is a product of his work. This time, he has completed his ultimate masterpiece for the sake of the princess, but...
HANMA YAGYU[TREACHERY The mechanical doppelganger prototype]
Worried for the safety of the princess, Hanma created this life-sized automaton clone from the sum of his expertise to protect his charge. Clad in thick armor, he's equipped with myriad mechanized armaments. The princess was overjoyed to receive this replica of Hanma. But on the day of its christening ceremony, it ran amok the moment the princess rode him and fled from the castle, princess and all.

SHIKI[CHIVALRY The wanderer of memory]
Shiki, having been freed from Yuga's spell, wanders to find her old village that remains in her memory. Her body has grown but her emotional maturity is incomplete and unstable as a result of suffering Yuga's spell. But she has a bewitching nature because of this and her elegant technique fascinates the souls of all who witness it. She has a faint fondness for "Shadow Asura" but she herself cannot grasp the significance of this feeling.
SHIKI[TREACHERY The puppet once again trapped]
Since she ran into "Shadow Asura," she once again fell under Yuga's spell and became his puppet. Further, she has been branded with a serpent mark more powerful than before so she may never break the spell again. This woman made belligerent by Yuga's magic uses her mesmerizing techniques in battle. She's a being who can be said to be the complete form of "the hermaphroditic female"-Yuga's very ideal.

ASURA[CHIVALRY The dark avenger]
"Asura" means "betrayer of the gods." He can summon ancient weapons from his appendage called the magic hand, and he mows down enemies using his natural gifts. He sought to battle the leader of the Netherworld "Yuga the Destroyer," but was conversely defeated by Yuga's secret arts and imprisoned. Asura, however, seeing a weakening of the spell when someone defeats Yuga as a once in a million chance, breaks his imprisoning bonds and vanishes.
ASURA[TREACHERY The alter-ego of Asura, Shadow Asura]
This is the shadow of Asura born from Asura' ego splitting arts. Yuga too recognized this masterpiece and this new Asura received his favor. Regarding Yuga as his master, Shadow Asura proclaimed his absolute obedience to Yuga and was entrusted with the Netherworld's greatest beauty as reward. Excelling in talent as a sorcerer, his unique swordsmanship that combines his other talents is glamorous and graceful. He is perceptive in many ways and has a strong heart of mercy. He slowly becomes attracted to Shiki who shares his predicament, but....

Taizan Morosumi[CHIVALRY]
Taizan Morosumi[CHIVALRY The avenging exorcist]
Taizan uses the techniques of exorcism known as the "Law of the Sealing Character." When the magic of Yuga who found him offensive threatened his family, he hid them and himself in a remote area deep in the mountains, and renounced his abilities. His days of peace, however, were fleeting. His wife, manipulated by a spell of "Yuga the Destroyer," killed their son then took her own life. Hakaku, having lost the ones he was supposed to protect, now vows revenge and is berserk with rage.
Taizan Morosumi[TREACHERY]
Taizan Morosumi[TREACHERY The schemer who tasted the forbidden]
This Taizan has the temperament of a craftsman who is unyielding with everyone including himself, and he will not compromise his own beliefs. He lost his family to a ruse of "Yuga the Destroyer." The sadness of losing his family, his only soul's only solace, finally turned him into an avenging spirit toward the one who took them. The silent Taizan, who believes one should only act when necessary, continues his search to this day for his target of revenge.



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